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October Update

Dieses Update Announcement steht momentan nur auf Englisch zur Verfügung

Today we have released our October update:

  • Notifications
    Have you ever wondered if the maps you have shared have been liked or cloned? Our new notification system will always keep you updated.

  • We have updated our public library!
    With over 1000 shared maps, it was time to bring some updates to our public library.

  • Asset Manager
    You can now create your own collections, assign props, textures and tokens and organise your assets in a manor that fits your needs. We have also changed the way the prop toolbar behaves, so that it is easier for you to find the props you are looking for.

The new Asset Manager

You can now create your own collections, assign props, textures and tokens and organize your assets in a manor that fits your needs. We have also changed the way, how the prop toolbar behaves, so that it easier for you to find the props you are looking for:

You can access the Asset Manager by clicking on the new menu item “Assets” in the editor  main menu. 

  • To the left, you can access all DGNFOG props, textures and tokens.
  • To the right you can create your own collections.
  • By dragging assets from the DGNFOG library over onto you collection you can add this asset to your collection.
  • You can then rename, sort, edit (cogwheel), duplicate or delete your assets to make them fit your needs.

Editing Assets

By clicking on the cogwheel you can open the settings for each asset and apply custom changes to this asset. Those changes will be saved to this asset, so you can always use it with the presets you have created.

If you want to apply specific settings to multiple assets, you can copy the setting and apply it to other assets with just a few click.

By adding your own tags, you can make it easier for you to find those assets via our search tools.

How did I use those settings for my collections?

I tend to create dynamic light and shadows at the end of my map creation. This usually leads to a situation, where I have to click on each prop individually and apply shadow and light afterwards. Now, all my collections already have the shadows set up beforehand.

— Till

Placing my collections on the map

The prop tool now always shows all DGNFOG assets by default.
You no longer need to access the library to add new assets to your toolbar.

Instead of using the select bar to switch between settings, you can now decide whether you want to access the DGNFOG library, your uploads, or your new collections.

You might also notice that the little image icon in the lower right of the toolbar is gone.
Since you always have access to all DGNFOG assets directly it became unnecessary and we have removed it to free some space for the toolbar.

How do I use the new prop tool? 

I have started to create my own collections, but I tend to do it step by step. I want to avoid having tons of collections that I never really use. So whenever I build a map I use the main DGNFOG library to decorate my rooms and I use my collections mainly for purposes where I see that I will be using those assets constantly.

— Till

Place random props out of your collection

We have added a powerful new feature:
By clicking on the dice symbol of a category, every mouse click will place a randomly picked asset of this category. By utilizing the options “Random size” and “Random Rotation” each randomly picked asset will also differ in size and rotation based on the threshold you have set.

How do I use this new feature?

I have created special collections for vegetation and clutter (like rocks and debris) that I can now use to quickly fill my map with details.

— Till

Converting a map into a collection

We figured, that it might be useful, to convert maps into collections as well.

This allows you to create sprite sheet maps, where you already apply all the adjustments you need in a map environment and then convert them into a collection.

When you open a map and go to the Asset Manager, you can click on “Create Collection from current map” to create a new collection based on all assets used for this map.

How do I use this feature?

Whenever we will release a new monthly prop pack, we will also release a map with all assets already placed and adjusted. We will make sure that all assets on the map have the properties, we would deem “ideal” - so when you want to have a collection based on this map, you can use this new feature.

It also means, that you can create your own sprite sheets for the community and share them via our public library. If you do so, please use the keyword “spritesheet” to make them easy to find.

Keep in mind though, that we cannot allow sharing custom assets that you have uploaded unless you have the proper intellectual rights to do so.

— Till

Coming up!

In our next update we will talk about

  • Roadmap
  • SPIEL 2019 & Our 1st Year Launch Anniversary
  • Contests

Expect an update soon about all those things!

Until then - Happy Mapmaking!