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Roadmap Review

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With the DEIOS development started and the year slowly getting to an end, it is time to review our roadmap.

I have created color codes to help you see what we have accomplished, what is still in the making and what will be delayed:

Green: Those are the tasks that we define as accomplished.
Light Green: Those are the tasks we are currently working on -  chances are good, that we will release them within 2019.
Yellow: Depending on our progress, those tasks might be part of our last 2019 release, or might be realised in early 2020.
White: We have decided to delay those tasks and I will explain why in the section below.


What did we accomplish?

I am very happy with our new Campaign Manager and the new live editing features.

We still need to improve the stability for our remote viewer and there are many spots where I would love to improve and adjust, but in total it shows that we are on the right track. With DEIOS we will revisit our campaign manager and the viewer features and improve it even further.

Our Asset Manager is a huge step forward. In its current state it already is a powerful tool and the possibility to randomly place props and create collections out of maps opens a lot of potential. But it IS just our first attempt - and we have great plans how to build upon this this system in the future, especially when our marketplace will be developed.

Our new public library is also a big step forward. I never get bored browsing the maps you have created, and with the new features implemented, I expect even more growth here.

What is coming next?

In one of the DEIOS videos I told you that the work we have put in our prototypes is not only used for worlds, cities and regions, but also influences our battlemap tools. One of those mechanics will soon find its way into DUNGEONFOG:

We have started to rebuild our brushes and shapes and eventually it will also improve the way that you can draw rooms as well.

Based on the prototype for landmasses and our fog of war brush, we will create a tool that allows to draw & modify vector based shapes for brushes. We can also use this, to rework our shapes tool and possibly the room tools in the future.

Brush Premises:

  • Brushes act like props (sorting, above walls, etc.)
  • Some settings for props might not make sense for brushes, so there will be a new brush inspector
  • Since brushes are now sortable like props, we can remove the “brushes” category in the layers inspector and unify the lists.
  • Similar to prop groups, brushes will have a mechanic that allows to select the full brush object, or single strokes within the brush object.
  • You will be able to add / subtract to the brush strokes.

Shapes Premises:

  • Shapes will use the same mechanic as brushes to draw shapes.
  • There will be different properties for the shape-inspector, since not all options make sense for shapes and vice versa (eg. softness vs. drop inner shadow)
  • Shapes can be converted into rooms.

We don’t have ETA for this new tool yet, but if everything works as intended, we expect the update to hit our test servers before christmas.

They way we will work on mechanics for DEIOS and implement them in our battlemap editor will be a great way to unify our code and make sure that we continue to dish out regular updates for the battlemap editor, while we develop DEIOS. So expect more updates in this regard in 2020.

Why did we delay some tasks?

With DEIOS being developed there are tasks, that make more sense when we tackle them within the new DEIOS development instead of implementing then now, just to rework them again with DEIOS. 

Multi-Select is one good example:

When creating our battlemap editor we somehow missed the right window to address multi-select during the development of our core functionalities. To bring it into our battlemap editor would mean, that we would have to crack open our core engine and rework it specifically for the battlemap tools. But since this woud be a solution that only patches multi-select into the existing code base, it would need to be re-worked completely for DEIOS.

Before DEIOS became reality, we were determined to do this in the second half of the year. Now that the DEIOS development has started, we can pay attention to multi-select on a global level and also make sure that other core features (like transformations, or drawing based on shapes like square, rectangle, circle) are implemented right at the start.

This does mean that there is a delay for those features, and especially for multi-select it will be painful to wait longer, but we have decided to go this way to make sure, that those essential features are addressed properly in the heart of the system and not as some patch-worky addition to existing mechanics.

For other features like the new doors, stairs, grid and the rest on the list, we will find spots in the roadmap for 2020 that I will release early next year.

What about major setbacks and regrets?

I think for the most part, we successfully managed to avoid any major crisis so far. 

With the feature list growing constantly, we still struggle with QA and testing, which often results in stability issues around our releases, but we are aware of this problem and we are currently restructuring our team to have more automated tests and more manpower for that task.

Now, that our company grows and we get more orders per day we have detected that our payment API needs improvement, since some of the order webhooks are not coming through, which results in accounts that need to be updated manually to become premium.
Roughly one out of hundred orders are affected and thanks to Discord and a good response time for our email support it is not a major problem yet, but with DGNFOG becoming more popular, we have started to address this properly.

We are also painfully aware that there are parts of DUNGENFOG that have been neglected far too long, like our notes tools, the forum and a proper FAQ & Manual section; Our wishlist grows longer and longer and our website could need an update. However, with such a a small team as we were until recently, there are always fires that need to be put out first and thus tasks that are pushed back. And to be honest, there is not much to do about it, but having more people to deal with it.

Fortunately DEIOS has allowed us to do exactly this: We now have a bigger team and we will have more resources to pay attention to those tasks.

I am very excited to see how this plays out and hope that you will soon experience the effects of a bigger team working on those tasks.

Coming up next

  • SPIEL2019
  • Our 1st year launch anniversary
  • Contests & Hall of Fame
  • Dragonmeet 2019

Expect an update soon about all those things!

Until then - Happy Mapmaking!