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Tokens & more

Für dieses Update steht leider keine Übersetzung auf Deutsch zur Verfügung

Today we have applied our first preparation-patch for our work package "viewer".

This updates comes with new features for our viewer, as well as tons of minor and major patches:



We have added a new tool to our toolbar that allows you to place tokens on your map.

You can now

  • add tokens
  • define token borders (textures)
  • define token backgrounds (textures)
  • define token images (or upload your own)
  • adjust token sizes
  • adjust token names
  • conceal tokens from players
  • export your map with / without tokens
  • and more.

This is our first installment of the new token-tool and we will add more features and settings in the upcoming weeks.



In preparation for the new viewer we have added a new feature for the GM-Viewer.
If you want to bring your map to a second display (like a projector, a second monitor or a TV that is connected via Chromecast) you can now open a “local viewer”.

Instead of sending map changes through our websocket, this viewer uses cross-window communication to mirror changes in one window to the player view window. This is a very early deployment and lays the groundwork for our upcoming improvements, so stay tuned for more updates in this direction.


Snap-to-Grid for Props

We have added a new option to our toolbars that allows you to snap props to the grid while you place them, or when you select & move them. This is deactivated by default, but you can activate it in your prop-tool or when you select a prop on the stage.


More Auto-Saves

We have added additional auto-save steps when you switch from the editor to the notes, export or play. We had a few reports that switching between those menu items can lead to data loss when the map wasn’t saved first. So we have implemented an automatic save when you switch between them.


Error Logs and Messages

This update comes with tons of fixes for major and minor bugs that were reported in the past weeks. Some of those reportings where hard to reproduce though, since we didn’t exactly know WHAT you did to produce the error in the first place. (Did you place a prop first and then drew a shape? Did you have the texture select open, while you dragged a group across the stage? Etc.)

Thus we have implemented an advanced tracking tool that catches errors and reports them automatically once your browser throws an error. We also implemented an error messaging system that warns you if a critical error would be affecting your map object and couldn’t be saved to the database, so you can undo that step and recover your last stable map state instead of losing major progress or having to report the map.

Our error-tracking tool is compliant to our privacy policy and only collects anonymized information about your system. Your IP address and other personal information like your email address are not tracked at all. The data we receive is strictly restricted to system information and is only used to help us track bugs and to understand the usage of our tools. We do reserve the right though to use the collected data to create and publish general statistics about operating systems, browser versions and other generalized metrics about DUNGEONFOG.


  • The color sliders in Firefox now show the colors again
  • Changing the map size should now place prop groups correctly again
  • CTRL-Z works again in the GM-Notes
  • Added description for SHIFT (ignore snap-to-grid) to the help-tab
  • Switching between rooms saves changes in the notes-tab
  • GM-Notes: Print works now as intended (printing all pages to PDF)
  • Added error message for Quota-Exceeded when the local storage is full
  • Added error message for Mutation-Errors when the local storage can not be written
  • Added error message for Data-Object-Failure when the map object is corrupted
  • The mouse cursor has now the correct icon when the select tool is active
  • We have fixed a critical error that caused the shape tool to crash when a segment point overlapped a room point.
  • We have fixed an error that caused the textures to be displayed as black on the stage
  • Several performance updates and bugfixes to the renderer have been applied to make the drawing experience more fluid.