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I did my map in three minutes! That’s the thing I like most about this program. You can make nice maps very quickly.

— Power Score


When is DUNGEONFOG the right tool for me?

You need battlemaps for your tabletop roleplaying game?
With our online map maker you can create dungeons, terrains or multi-storey buildings with just a few clicks. DUNGEONFOG offers a modern editor that allows you to DRAW your map instead of patching it up tile by tile!

Are you usually late on your preparations?
DUNGEONFOG is not just a drawing tool! Each room on your map is identified and converted into a descriptive note - including room numbers, description of the walls and floors as well as all contained objects. Each information is editable, downloadable and can also be designed to fit your needs.


Be part of the community!
On the map platform you can share your maps with other game masters. Each map is editable and can be customized to fit your needs. Adjust maps to a variety of settings (eg SciFi, Fantasy, Dystopia, etc.)!