"To me, this thing seems ideal for people making DMs Guild adventures. You can make your own maps - I did one in three minutes! That’s the thing I like most about this program. You can make nice maps very quickly."

— Power Score


With the DUNGEONFOG map editor you can draw buildings, rooms, dungeons, caverns, terrain and more with our online map editor. Create your map in settings like fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, etc. Choose from over 100 preset props, filters and textures, or upload your own.

Generate your Notes

DUNGEONFOG identifies each object that youhave drawn on your map and converts it into a textual description, creating all the notes you'll need for your game. You can then edit the notes, change the layout, download them as PDF, or access them via smartphone or tablet — they're interactive too! 

Coming in Fall 2017


On our platform you can share maps, bookmark them or take a map and adapt it to your needs. Each map is editable, contains all the notes and can be adapted to your game needs, by changing the map-setting (SciFi / Dystopia / Fantasy / etc.).

Coming in Winter 2017

Please keep in mind that DUNGEONFOG is still in development. 

We will try our hardest to make DUNGEONFOG a tool everyone will enjoy and will remember. Web development isn't always smooth sailing and there are a lot of uncertainties (especially the programming part), so please keep in mind that we will use our good faith business efforts to deliver to you the package items and features listed above before its official launch on or before the listed estimated delivery (the “Estimated Delivery Date”). However, unforeseen events may extend the development and/or production time of such Estimated Delivery Date and that such Estimated Delivery Date is an estimate and is not a promise we can make as of today; likewise, these events (although unlikely) may lead to the result that some of the listed features will change or are removed.


DUNGEONFOG was funded over Kickstarter in April 2017 and is currently in development.
If you want to join our ALPHA in summer 2017, support us by joining our ALPHA and BETA
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