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It looks amazing - it's hard to explain how easy it is to use. A must have for GMs out there!

— Chimpions RPG


Our DUNGEONFOG Editor offers extensive drawing tools, specifically designed to create battle maps for your next game in minutes. DUNGEONFOG pays special attention to the consistency and aesthetics of all components, so you can impress your players with professional maps!

Editor Features

Draw rooms with a few clicks. You define the rooms outlines and DUNGEONFOG will do the rest: Walls, floors, textures & outlines – everything will be rendered instantly and can be adapted to your needs. 

Choose from over 300 textures for walls and floors, or upload your own. Each room can be described with room numbers and notes that are automatically generated for your game master notes.

Props & Assets

Choose from a constantly growing library of assets 
and place them on your map with a simple click.

We are currently offering the settings

  • Fantasy,
  • SciFi and
  • Victorian Horror

– and we are regulary updating our libraries.

If you want to use your own assets you can upload them as well.
Check out the subscription plans to learn more about our cloud storage.






More tools!

Doors and Windows
Thanks to our wall-detection-mechanics you can place doors and windows exactly where you need them. DUNGEONFOG automatically detects where doors and windows are leading from/to and describes them in your notes accordingly.

Add additional details to your map.
Choose from over 300 textures, adjust the brush strength, transparency & softness and create unique maps.

Print, save and play online
Whether you print your maps, export them or want to view them directly in our DGNFOG viewer – DUNGEONFOG is designed to fit your perosnal needs as a game master.

And there is even more to discover – Sign up today and test all features available!


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