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I love to be a DM, but I wish I would spend less time on preparation.

— Every GM ever


DUNGEONFOG offers a full WYSIWYG editor to organize your GM notes. You can even convert your map directly into your game master notes.

GM-Notes Features

Are you late on your preparations?

DUNGEONFOG is not just a drawing tool! Each room on your map is identified and converted into a descriptive note - including room numbers, description of the walls and floors as well as all contained objects. Each information is editable, downloadable and can also be designed to fit your needs.

Organize your notes with:

  • Map preview images
  • Level preview images
  • Room thumbnails
  • Room descriptions
  • Quotes and read-aloud paragraphs
  • Custom styles for dangers, throws, comments
  • Hidden doors, traps or objects *
  • Statblocks *
  • Images for your player *
  • Sounds *

Our notes are interactive, adapt to your map and can be displayed in our DGNFOG GM-viewer. Copy your notes to other tools or print them - DUNGEONFOG provides you a wide range of processing options.

* currently in development


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