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I don't need a complex virtual game table – all I need is a simple way to show maps to my players

— Rebekka, Game Master D&D5e


The DGNFOG Viewer allows you to digitally play on your maps.
Share an interactive version of your map with your players. You can send the map to a TV **, projector or mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.). Take control of the Fog of War and all objects on your map.

Viewer Features

The GM-Viewer provides a collection of all vital information for you as game master. Map and notes are interactive and you can edit, hide or show everything on-the-fly*.

  • Create views for each player or a collected view for all
  • Control with Fog of War what the players should see
  • Toggle the visibility of doors, windows, traps and objects
  • Manage your maps directly out of your interactive notes
  • Place and move monsters and party tokens *
  • Toggle ambient soundscapes and custom sounds *

Send your players version of the map to your TV **, tablet or other devices and manage your game with a few clicks.
You can invite as many players as you like!

*currently in development
** requires a Chromecast or a TV that supports websites


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