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Builders Pack 9
Fallen & Broken pillars! ^_^
broken, damage, destroy, destroyed, destruction, fallen, marble, pillar, pillars, rock, stone, structure
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Wilderness - Pack 12
Some burrows, tracks and new selection of rocks and boulders!
boulder, burrow, burrows, dirt, natural, nature, rock, rocks, sand, stone, stones, track, tracks
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Textures - Pack 13
Varied selection of new ground textures! Corals, marshy ground, cracked stones and more! ^_^
coral, dirt, forest, grass, grassy, ground, mud, natural, rock, sea, stone, texture, textures, tree, wet, woods
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Prefabs - Pack 3
In this pack, we have prepared meals!
cauldron, dish, dishes, eat, eating, fish, food, fruit, ham, meal, meals, meat, pan, plate, platter, pork, prepared
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 19 + 21
This pack contains pre-constructed Forges, Fountains, but also a whole lot of modular Basin pieces and chimneys that can be used to make your own versions!
base, basin, basins, blood, chimney, chimneys, forge, forges, fountain, fountains, oil, water
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Vehicles - Pack 3
Ahoy matey! This pack has a nice sailection of Anchors, Capstans, Riggins and some other interesting pieces to help you with shipbuilding!
anchor, boat, boats, capstan, capstans, dingy, hoops, mast, mooring, pegs, platform, post, rigging, rope, rowboat, sailing, ship, ships, transport, upsidedown, vehicle
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Table Clutter - Pack 10
New Table Clutter is here! This one focusing on some Food! Specifically Cheese and Meat! ^_^
beef, cheese, eat, eating, fish, meat, pork, poultry, raw, roasted, sausage
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Textures - Pack 12
Varied selection of lava, alien and biological textures ^_^
alien, biological, blood, gore, heat, hot, lava, natural, rock, skin, texture, textures
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Wilderness - Pack 11
Another Expansion of our vegetation!
bramble, flora, huge, palm, palms, plant, plants, tendril, tendrils, tentacle, thorns, thorny, tree, vegetation, vine, vines
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Prefabs - Pack 2
In this pack, we have filled Carts, Wagons and Toolboxes.
apple, cart, fruits, onion, orange, sack, saw, tool, toolbox, transport, vegetables, vehicle, wagon
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 22
It wouldn’t be a proper fountain without some sweet adornments to fancy it up ^_^
adornments, basins, blood, decor, decoration, drinking, fountains, oil, spouts, wall, water
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Prefabs - Pack 1
We are starting a new “product line” – Prefabs!
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Interior Props - Pack 1
Continuing on pumping out bunch of new assets :)) This time tackling Interior Props!
bar, bench, chair, chairs, desk, furniture, interior, pew, rest, seat, seating, shelves, table, tables, wardrobe, wood
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Dungeon Decor - Pack 20
It might look like this pack kinda sacks… but on the bright side, there are shiny ores, ingots and molten metal.
bronze, chutes, copper, food, gold, metal, molten, ore, precious, sack, sacks, silver, storage, supplies, treasure
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Wilderness - Pack 10
Another Expansion of our vegetation!
bramble, flora, forest, nature, roots, tendril, tentacle, thorns, thorny, tree, vine, vines, woods
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Wilderness - Pack 9
Another Expansion of our vegetation!
biome, flora, flower, flowers, nature, plant, plants
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Table Clutter - Pack 9
STOP! Hammer time!
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Vehicles - Pack 2
Ahoy! It’s aboat time that we set sail towards forgotten adventures at sea! ^_^
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Magic & Effects - Pack 2
Burn them… burn them all! Our take on magic / spell / environmental effects – Fire!
effect, effects, fire, flame, magic, spell, template, templates
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Magic & Effects - Pack 1
Our first venture into magic / spell / environmental effects – Lightning!
effect, effects, fantasy, lightning, magic, spell, spells, template, templates
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Builders Pack 8
New selection of wall types ^_^
fence, metal, rock, stone, structure, wall, walls, wood, wooden
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Interior Props - Pack 4
Mooooooore Interior Props! This time we bring you some resting options ^^
animal, bear, bed, beds, blanket, frame, furniture, hammock, hay, interior, lion, mat, mattress, pillow, rest, rug, sleep, sleeping
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Modular Caves
Fully modular Cave wall tiles????
cave, caves, modular, set, tile, underdark, underground
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Builders Pack 3
New Wooden Walkway tiles in 2 variants – Nails or Rope Tied
bridge, bridges, fence, ladder, ladders, nails, plank, planks, structure, walkway, walkways, wood