Content Update: Caves

The new update that we have released today comes with a lot of major and minor improvements as well as some bugfixes. But most importantly:

You can now create caves!


When creating a room, or adjusting a wall-segment you now have the option to "cavefy" your walls.
Simply select the new cave option for your wall-types, or select a wall-segment and adjust it.

1) Draw a cave by selecting the room tool and choose the new option "cave".

As you can see, you can also reshuffle the cave walls and adjust outer- and inner wall thickness.


2) You can also select wall segments and apply a cave effect to them

Simply select a wall segment by clicking on it and choose if you want to apply an inner- or outer cave effect.

New Flavor-Props "Cave", "Fire" and "Traps".

To round things up, we have added new flavor prop sets for caves and fire.


Since we already have the trap-props, we didn't want to keep them from you - but please keep in mind, that we will apply changes to them as soon as we address the traps and hidden objects mechanic.