New Update Released: Curves!

There have been a lot of great updates in the past months, but I think this one is the most-anticipated so far!

From today on, you can now add curves and create rounded rooms, rounded caves or add rounded sections to your walls!

Add curves to your RPG tabletop maps

How to add curves in the editor

How do I create a curve?

To add curves to your walls, you can now select each wall-segment and adjust it:

Every segment has now three options to do so: Straight, Circle and Curve.

What is the difference between circle and curve?
When you select “circle”, the tool will always bend the segment to fit a perfect circle.

To adjust the segment to your needs, you can manipulate the radius of that circle either by dragging the circle-handler on the stage, or by entering the radius manually in the panel. With this you can always make sure, that your room, or parts of it form a smooth round circle.

When you select “curves” you get the regular bézier handlers that can be adjusted to create more complex curves than just a circle.

While working with bézier curves, you can also select wall-sgement-points to smooth them and connect bézier handlers to gain more control over smoothed curves.


If you want to know more about the concepts behind our recent update - our latest Kickstarter update shares some insights in the processes behind the new curves tool and why we are especially proud of our approach.

What’s next?  

Now that we have added round walls, there are things that we need to adjust/finish, before we close the work package “walls”. With the complexity of curves added to the mix, we need to revisit our snap-to-wall mechanic and our approach to room-in-room situations since things can get really confusing when working with curved walls on a bigger, more complex map.

Another update is planned for next week and will come with major changes to the way we handle rooms, wall detection and layers. I will talk more about that, once we have released the changes.

After that, we will close our work package "Advanced Room Handling" and continue with the next work package "Advanced Prop Handling".

Until then - have fun testing and as always:

Let the dice roll!