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PROJECT DEIOS reveals first secrets

Hey Fogs!

As you might have heard by now, we are working on an exciting new thing called PROJECT DEIOS. Since we are buzzing with enthusiasm, we want to share some more info about our brave new endeavor with you - enjoy the read and let us know your thoughts and feedback!

For some time, we’ve lured you to our PROJECT DEIOS website. From now on, things will start to move a bit faster: We will reveal a new information slice on a weekly basis!

Today, we unlocked our vision of how cities can be mapped out effortlessly and intuitively. In this first slice of information, we give insight into how the DUNGEONFOG core mechanics can be adapted to draw harmonic city maps with just a few clicks.

New Assets!

On May 25th Guy Sclanders from "How to be a GreatGM" started his new Twitch live play presenting the new Dungeons & Dragons setting "Ghosts of Saltmarsh".
We not only have the great opportunity to be sponsors for this show, but we also did all we can to support him for this endeavour.

We invite you all to join us at and watch the show that will be airing for the next weeks each Saturday at 1pm PT (21:00 GMT).

Together with the launch of the stream, all new assets will have been unlocked for our premium members as well.
You can find them in the asset library under the revamped setting "Flavour > Pirates".

Campaign Manager & Viewer - Public Release

We are getting close to release the new DUNGEONFOG Campaign Manager and GM Viewer to our live servers! We are going to announce the final release by the end of next week, but we expect to have everything up and running around June 17th.