New Update Released: Improved Drawing & Layer Handling

Over the past updates we closely watched how you create rooms.
We realized that our snap-to-wall mechanic is not performing as we expected, but rather limiting your experience when it comes to combinations of different rooms or room-in-room scenarios.

On the other hand, the room layers were hardly used at all, due to the fact, that they had almost no impact on how rooms behave depending on their position in the sorting list.

The goal should be, that you quickly and intuitively draw your map layout without having to think of possible barriers.
And with curved walls now added to the mix, our snap-to-wall mechanic was not optimal anymore.

So we re-worked our tools to make the experience easier to grasp and less complex when dealing with intersecting walls and rooms.

Here are the changes:

1) Drawing rooms now pays more attention to the order in which you draw rooms than to detect snap-to-wall situations that prevent you from overlapping rooms.

You can now draw rooms over other rooms.

The idea is, that you can now draw rooms more fluid and without having to think "How do I have to draw that room when keeping wall intersections in mind". We have re-worked our editor to interpret what you are doing and to draw those intersections automatically.

2) Our snap-to-wall mechanic is still there, but acts now as a recommendation instead of a limiter.

Snap-to-wall is now a recommendation instead of a limiter

When you reach an intersecting wall, our snap-to-wall mechanic suggests the wall as a possible snap location, but doesn't prevent you from drawing into the intersecting room anymore.

3) Layers have now gained importance in the order that rooms are rendered.

How intersecting rooms are drawn depends on their sorting order in the layers.

To help you identify the right room in your layers-list, we have added a highlight when you hover with your mouse over the layer-list.

Depending on the sorting order, the rooms are now rendered accordingly.

Beware: Impact on old maps

Now that we have applied this changes to the editor, we have also updated you existing maps to work with those changes. There are now over 4000 maps in the database and updating or reviewing every map manually is not an option anymore. Our update script did its best to update them properly, but there is a chance, that your map layout was more complex, than our script was able to handle. So please review your old maps and if a room looks broken, fix it manually or delete and re-draw it.