New Update Released:Move Rooms

When you select a room, you now get a move handler around every room point. By selecting this handler you can now drag rooms around your map.

The snap to grid always reacts to the point you have selected, allowing you to place complex rooms more precisely.

If you want to deactivate snap-to-grid, you can hold down the SHIFT-Key (⇧ + Mouse)
while dragging your room.

What's next?

With those changes implemented, we now go into the final phase of advanced room editing, before we finally shift over to advanced prop handling. Now that we have those new features implemented we need to address those changes in the GM-Notes, allowing you to create room-groups for notes as well as a new mechanic to help you adjust room textures and settings faster throughout several rooms of a map.

We expect to release the next update within the next 14 days, so stay tuned!

Until then, have fun testing and
Let the dice roll!