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IMPORTANT: Platform Updates

Permission to send you updates

We would like to send you notifications and updates via email, but to do so we need your approval. New accounts have an according checkbox available on sign up already, but for those of you, who already have an account prior to this update we ask you to give us your approval here:


Account verification


The past months have shown us, that creating accounts via email activation is not the best way to give new users a fast way to experience DUNGEONFOG. So we decided to change that: From now on, every new account gets instant access to DUNGEONFOG, but needs to verify his email-address afterwards to get access to all features.

You need to verify your email-address to:

  1. set maps to public
  2. unlock new map slots
  3. claim achievements
  4. (from launch on) upgrade to premium

If you already had an account prior to this update, this doesn’t affect you at all.

Changes for free accounts

We do our best to provide a great experience for free-users. There are hardly any limits to the functionalities of the editor or the platform when you are a free user, aside the fact that you have limited map slots and not all props and textures are available.

But we want to do more:
Instead of restricting the use of premium props and textures to paying members only, we decided to change our approach:

All props and textures are now available to free members as well, but we add a filter when you place them on your map. We think this is a fair deal, since you can now test ALL ASSETS even as a free member. We built the mechanic in such a manor, that once you decide to go premium your maps will remain the same way you built them, only the filters get removed. This should give you more flexibility to fully test DUNGEONFOG and still make use of the testmaps you have created.

Here is a sample of how that might look:

Changes to map-slots bevahior for free accounts

As a newcomer to the scene we need growth more than anything else, so we decided to ask you for help and reward you in return with additional map slots. When you create a free account you start with one map slot, but you can unlock two additional slots by helping us grow the community and inviting friends.

A note for free-account BETA testers:

It is utmost important to us, that you know how grateful we are for your ongoing support during our BETA. If you have created your account prior to this update today, you will find that those free map slots remain unlocked for you.