New Update: Colorize Textures & More

With this update we now finish what we have started with the previous update:

You can now colorize textures

You can now change hue, saturation and lightness of every texture on your map.

This applies to:

  • Room: Outer wall
  • Room: Inner wall
  • Room: Floor textures
  • Shapes
  • Brushes

This is a very exciting new features, since it gives you the creative freedom to re-modify textures for a completely new purpose:


New Option "ALL" for Asset Library and Quick-Access

In a first step to make our libraries less "click hungry" we have added a new option for the settings-select. 

Instead of switching between the different settings, you can select "ALL" and have all props or textures displayed on one page.

In you tools (like room-tool or prop-tool) you can now also set your select to "ALL" and display all assets in your Quick-Access at once.

Keep in mind, that this can result in a longer initial waiting time until all requested props / textures are loaded and added to the cache.


Help: Shortcuts 

We have also added a new toggle to show shortcuts for each tool. Since we are constantly adding new shortcuts, this is a small yet nifty improvement to keep track of all the shortcuts available.


New Worldmap Props

We have updated our worldmap props, adding trees, forests and more buildings.
Our "worldmap" setting is still just a playground for experimentation, collecting experience for later improvements, but with those new props, you can produce pretty nice maps for regional maps.