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Design breathtaking Battle Maps, stunning City Maps, and spectacular World Maps for your adventures.
One integrated, innovative system - Infinite Creativity!


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What is Project DEIOS

Create the unimaginable

Are you a gamemaster who enjoys building inspired maps for your RPG party? Are you a creative storyteller who loves to cook up thrilling adventures for your friends?

Our experience with the DUNGEONFOG authoring tool proved that we can create an authoring system that makes the mapping process effortless, quick and interconnected.

But for us, this is just the beginning. Now, we want to take the next step: We believe that we can help gamemasters and storytellers bring their imagination to life. Project DEIOS is our vision and we want to share it with you! So come closer friend, take a seat... and let me tell you a story!

- Till

We are not alone to create something without boundaries, it is vital to confront our own limitations.

Therefore, we teamed up with some of the brightest storytelling, RPG and game master minds: Janet and Dimitris from World Anvil are experts in worldbuilding and storytelling, and know what it takes to create a coherent masterpiece.

Guy Sclanders from The Great GM is an expert in creating and leading truly enthralling RPG adventures. Mark, a.k.a. Caeora, brings his incredible craft and artistic expertise into the colorful mix.

Our goal is to offer a system that grows in detail over time. At its core, it offers an easy way to create worlds and filling them with details as small as individual props in battle maps, always drawing unbreakable links between objects and the place they are placed in.



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Current state of Project DEIOS

Mapping it out live streams

Stay up to date with the newest information about the development and current status of Project DEIOS.
Watch how Till and Guy talk about the different phases of the development cycle, the team and give insight on our approach to this extensive project. Get a glimpse of the current state of the application, all the available features and learn where we are going.

You can watch all Mapping it out recordings over on our youtube channel >



What is the current state of PROJECT DEIOS?
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