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Feature comparison
Features Free Premium Commercial
Map Slots
Create, share, clone or archive your maps
3 slots unlimited unlimited
Purchase additional map slots
Get more map slots in the marketplace
up to 12 slots unlimited map slots
unlimited map slots
Play online in Campaign mode
Invite your players and let them play on your map
Marketplace access
Purchase third-party props, textures, tokens and game assets
premium discount premium discount
Access to all +4000 Props and Textures
get access to the full library of content subscription assets
Fantasy, Modern, Sci-fi, Victorian, Cyberpunk and many more
base fantasy only
Monthly Asset Packs
New Props and Textures every month!
Room Templates
Create your own library of predefined and reusable rooms
Prop Templates
Create your own library of predefined and reusable prop groups
Map Color Filters
Add Filters like B&W, Sepia and more to style your map
High-Res Image Export Low-res with watermarks
Privately share your maps
Search maps
Find them by name, description or tags
Favourite maps
Quick access your favourites on the dashboard
Number of custom assets 100 10.000 50.000
Commercial use
Resell your creation or use them in commercial work.
Patreon connect
Access assets of verified Artists you have subscribed to.
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