We think, that everybody should be able to create maps with DUNGEONFOG for free.   

With for free account you'll be able to draw maps using our basic tools, props and textures and you can share your maps and download them as JPG.



If you'd like to have access to all of our features, upload your own textures and props and use our advanced tools, like the GM notes, or the possibility to copy and edit maps from other artists, then you should consider our DGNFOG Premium Subscription

Once we have finished BETA, DUNGEONFOG will offer Premium Access based on a subscription model. This will cover our costs on servers and allow us to continue developing the platform and adding cool new features.


 Subscription models

Once we have launched (2018) we are going to offer access to our premium features through a subscription based model. There will be two options to subscribe:

per month per year (save 25%)

€ 4.90 (excl. 20% VAT)

€ 49.90 (excl. 20%VAT)

 Please note, that we are currently in development and this might yet change.


Pre-Order Now

DUNGEONFOG was funded through Kickstarter in April 2017
and is currently in development.

If you want to join our ALPHA in summer 2017, support us by joining our ALPHA and BETA and get 1 year DGNFOG Premium subscription.