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We are celebrating YOU!

As part of our fantastic community, you have helped shape, redefine and grow DungeonFog into becoming a leading tool for GMs to prevent running into the 'late prep crisis'.

For more than two years you have helped us to enhance our tools, grow our map libraries and given us a warm welcome in the community of map makers and game masters.

We are honored to be part of this community and all we can say is: Thank you!

In honor of this milestone and to show you our undying gratitude, we have created this anniversary bundle for you:

  • Short clip “Bring it On”
  • 5e Adventure for 2nd - 4th level
  • Character sheets to fit the game
  • Map pack of all the maps
  • Special asset pack
  • Live-Play by the GreatGM with the voice-actors & more

Alpha 1 is here!
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how it works

Build your very own custom battle maps for your roleplaying games in three easy steps

1. Create a Map
tailored to your campaign!

Draw dungeons, buildings or overland terrain maps and populate them with assets to create the ultimate battlemap for your adventure.

The vector based editor in combination with our vast library of high resolution assets allows you to create highly detailed maps for use on screen or print.

2. Place Assets
to decorate your map and fill it with life!

Search our extensive asset library with over 3.000 assets from different time periods and settings to find the right ones for your story.

New asset packs are released on a monthly basis as part of our premium content subscription.

3. Export and Play
Play with others inside DungeonFog or export & print your maps

Whether you want to print your maps, export them for external virtual tabletops or show them to your players in a Fog-of-War manor – DUNGEONFOG is designed to fit your personal needs as a game master.

What can be done
Breathtaking maps from our community

Short on time? We’ve got you covered! Skimm through the massive library of user generated maps, claim them and adjust the maps to your story.

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Latest Updates
What You can do
Draw Rooms And Dungeons
Shape your TTRPG maps with our vector based tools. Create multiple rooms and connect them to build your own unique dungeon.
Populate your map with 3.000+ different props and textures. Upload your own and keep them organized in your personal asset library.
Light it up
Embrace the immersion with custom light sources and dynamic shadows.
Write Notes
Organize your campaign and take useful notes for your next game.
Export and Print
Save your creation as JPG or PNG for virtual tabletops, or save a high-res version for printing.
Play online
Invite your friends and start a game. You control what they see, directly in the app.
Licensing Options

Pick the license that fits your needs

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Create up to 3 maps and access the full public library. Even with a free account you gain access to all features and assets, but note that premium assets will remain watermarked until you unlock premium access.

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Get unlimited map slots, additional quota for your personal uploads and access to all available assets in our content subscription.

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