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Feb 09, 2018
New Update to ALPHA v 0.9 - Space and SciFi Maps, Lossless Zooming, Asset Library, Tiled Export, Worldmap assets and more!

Today we have updated our ALPHA to version 0.9. Apart from possible hotfixes, this is going to be our last update as ALPHA. The next update will be around end of February and will then transition into our Closed BETA.

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Need a map for your TTRPG game?

Our editor allows you to quickly draw maps for dungeons, open world encounters adn any battlemap your are planning. You can print them, export them, or play digitally on your created map in our DUNGEONFOG player. 

Late on your game preparations?

DUNGEONFOG is not just a drawing tool. It identifies each object on the map and converts it into a textual description, creating all the notes you'll need for your game. You can then edit the notes, change the layout, download them as PDF, or access them via smartphone or tablet — they're interactive too! 

Share your maps!

On our platform you can share maps, bookmark them or take a map and adapt it to your needs. Each map is editable, contains all the notes and can be adapted to your game needs, by changing the map-setting (SciFi / Dystopia / Fantasy / etc.). 

Join the ALPHA

DUNGEONFOG was funded over Kickstarter in April 2017 and is currently in development.
If you want to get early access to our current development build, support us by joining our ALPHA and BETA
and get 1 year DGNFOG Premium subscription. 

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