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We hope you have enjoyed this elaborate april fools joke!


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Dark Fir Tree

Most used tree of all over all public maps.

♢ 1 DGNCoin




Necessary for every mages tower

♢ 0.6 DGNCoin



Short grass with small s...

The default texture - in every map!

3.1415 DGNCoin




Rise up to the heights same as the DungeonCoin shares in near future!

♢ 1.21 Jiggawatts



Bear Rug

Exclusive decorative rug by Caeora. Please don't tell him, he doesn't know this is an NFT.

♢ 0.69 DGNCoin



Simple Box

It's a box.

♢ 9001 DGNCoin



Exclusive Maps


Special offers


Light up your map and your wallet with this NFT.

♢ 0.420 DGNCoin




Good for short and long rests.

♢ 1 Hitdice



Scifi Corpse

Alien > Aliens II > All others - prove me wrong

♢ 1 DGNCoin



Crumbled Rocks

I am getting out of ideas here.

♢ 0.42 DGNCoin



Crystal Ore

This ore is a mysterious crystalline material that arrived on Earth in 1995 due to an meteor impact next to the river Tiber in Italy.

♢ 1 Tiberium




Can only be purchased at night.

♢ 0.3 DGNCoin




Perfect for everybody with a childhood trauma from the neverending story.

♢ 1 Atreyu you idiot





♢ 0.345 DGNCoin



Old Parquet

Parquet (pronounced /ˌpɑrˈkɛt/) is one of the continents on the world of Oxandria.

♢ 0.01 DGNCoin



Pile of books

Maybe I should have read some so I would have a proper job and don't have to made up descriptions for april fools pranks.

♢ at least 0.001 DGNCoin



Small bones

Nothing but some bones.

♢ 1337 DGNCoin




Classic stone Statue

♢ 0.69 DGNCoins



Stone Coffin

Mysterious, Glitter, Cringe

♢ 0.00000001 DGNCoins



Study Desk

Best place to do some work.

♢ 0.1010101 DGNCoins



Water Texture

Stay hydrated people!

♢ 1 H2O



Water Lily

Nice Nymphaeaceae

♢ 0.69 DGNCoins



Wooden chair

Sit down and listen.

♢ 2.7182 DGNCoins



Untidy bed

Thanks for reading until here. It means a lot to me.

♢ 404 DGNCoins




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