DungeonFog Battlemap & DEIOS News February

What exciting news await our mapmakers?

In our February Mapping It Out Stream, we talked about all the upcoming features for Quarter one and adjusted to timeline. 

The new Paths Tool and our Marketplace are both in the testing phase and will be implemented in the next few weeks.


Battlemap Goals Q1

We updated our handy chart to show you the progress we made:

V3 Phase-Out

We currently have two Battlemap editor builds running: V3 & V5

V3 is an older version which means not all of the features from our newest build are included.

Until now, it was possible to change your maps to our newest V5 build manually.

To free our programmers from keeping both V3 & V5 updated and running, we decided to shut down V3 entirely in the upcoming summer.

What does that mean for you?

Fortunately, not much! If you open your V3 maps, they will automatically be converted to version V5. 

The only thing is that the use of the brushes is different from V3, but we did our best to make it as easy as possible to get used to it.

Path Tool

We are now testing and refining the last bits and pieces of our upcoming Paths Tool.

Onstream, Till demonstrated the various ways how you could use the new tool, and we highly recommend checking it out!

Everything about Project DEIOS!

The new release is in the starting blocks and will be ready shortly! We are fine-tuning everything at the moment. 

This release will include:

  • Blueprints
  • Tectonics V1
  • Waves 
  • New selection


If you want to see a release preview, we would highly suggest you watch our summary on YouTube!

Find out more details about Project DEIOS on our Kickstarter.

What about the next Mapping It Out stream?

Because Till & Guy both have a lot on their plates right now, we've decided to run a show in Mid-April, that will cover our development process of March and early April and then return to our regular schedule in May.

Keep an eye out for the final date - we will announce it on time here, in our Discord and Social Media!

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