Fight Club 8
Harrowdale, Harrowdale Town, Gunderman's Brewery- This deliberately rustic old barn of a place is owned by a half-elf Horca Gunderman. Horca is assisted by a bevy of gnomes and dwarves who seem to constantly be digging out new storage cellars down below or installing new pumps to keep sea water seepage out of the cellars they have already dug. The aromatic main vat room is all most visitors see of the inner workings of Gunderman's pride and joy, as he hands out sample mugs of his main product, Old Smoke ale, there.
Below, in those "storage cellars", is a fighting pit that has earned a reputation for tending to the needs of the fighters even more so than the guests.

Eighth in a series of maps for my "Fight Club" campaign. The party rises through the ranks of an underground organization and encounters all sorts of other challenges along the way.
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