Fight Club 4
Archendale, Archenbridge, The Bridge and Bow- This quiet alehouse is well hidden down a side alley off Pelter’s Street and is where the locals go when they would like to relax and talk without a lot of noise, crowding, or rowdiness. The Bow (locals will not know what you are talking about if you refer to this place as “the Bridge”) serves a good selection of ales, stouts, and sherries, and one can also get a light meal here. Salted fish, sausage, and melted herbed cheese are available, accompanied by parsley and buttered bread. Beneath the social club is a deep cellar with a pair of fighting pits at the bottom. Yellow liveried bookies keep all the betting honest.

Fourth in a series of maps for my "Fight Club" campaign. The party rises through the ranks of an underground organization and encounters all sorts of other challenges along the way.
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