Fight Club DC 4
Berdusk, Alamather\'s by the Water- The Gollahaer is the shorter street that crosses the Clearspring by the more southerly bridge (the Handspan). It is important because of the many small, crammed sundry and hardware shops that line it, selling odd and rare wares that can’t be found anywhere else between Waterdeep and the rich cities of Sembia. Alamather\'s by the Water is a crammed shop, a favorite stop for caravan merchants trying to fill special orders. It specializes in one-of-a-kind, rare, or unusual weaponry, often gadgets that conceal weapons or devices that seem more suited to the worship of Loviatar or decadent arena battle than real war.
Its namesake, Alamanther, is long gone and the proprietor, Creain Brothan, is a special kind of sadist who likes to watch bareknuckle fights. There is little quarter at Alamanther\'s for the weak.

The Fight Club campaign continues across the Dragoncoast, the Western Heartlands, and Amn.
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