Fight Club 1
Cormyr, Wheloon, Sendever's Stables- On the east side of Wheloon Way one block north of the Moothouse stand the ample paddocks of this large and efficient operation. "Horses Bought, Sold, Doctored, and Boarded" reads the sign at the gate, and Illumor Sendever does all of those things, assisted by an expert staff of over a dozen hostlers, trainers, and horse-handlers.
But one small barn that sits just behind Sendever's Emporium (the retail storefront) plays host to a weekly, raucous, low rent fight ring. It's a low rung on the ladder of bare-knuckle fighting in this region, most often the first attempt to get in to the circuit.

First in a series of maps for my "Fight Club" campaign. The party rises through the ranks of an underground organization and encounters all sorts of other challenges along the way.
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