Fight Club MS 3
Hillsfar, The Rusty Nail- Below the “human-only” city of Hillsfar lies a small hamlet of houses no more than three hundred people called The Docks. There is little here other than a few warehouses, maintenance facilities for ships, trading company offices, and two inns: the Rusty Nail, which caters to adventurers, and the Mermaid’s Bosom, which is best described as a dive. Non-human caravan drovers, travelers, adventurers, and the like, stay down in The Docks while the humans among them take care of business in the city above. The dwarf proprietor, Glenna Moonsmith, runs a tight ship in the Rusty Nail and provides some off-book entertainment as an alternative to the Arena in Hillsfar.

The Fight Club campaign continues around the Moonsea.
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