Fight Club 5
Cormyr, Suzail, The Gold Goblin- The Goblin, as it is often called, was one of the first and finest gambling halls established in Suzail many years ago. A recent owner, a washed-up swindler named Saul Vancaskerkin, refurbished the place in hopes of recapturing its upscale origins, but had the foresight to open an underground fight club and high stakes gambling den beneath the Goblin. Under new management, the Goblin has increased its standing in the circuit.

Fifth in a series of maps for my "Fight Club" campaign. The party rises through the ranks of an underground organization and encounters all sorts of other challenges along the way. The original map of the whole casino is "Fantasy Casino", but it was unwieldy for this purpose (I made it a while ago before I wised up to resource conservation).
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