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The Epic Map Making Event
on Sept 23rd

DGNFOG presents


The ultimate battle for the crown is on! Who will walk away as Champion of the Battle Map Makers? Watch a grueling 3 hour fight for the title of the best map maker in this epic TTRPG live event. Neither contestant knows what map they will be making, why? Because you, the audience, will vote for it live on the night. Then, to keep things frosty, throughout the show, you’ll be voting to add in random new requirements.


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When and where?

The LIVE 3-hour battle will take place first. Audience participation will determine the maps, the madness, and the mayhem.


23rd of September live on

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Meet the fighters

CEO of DungeonFog

As the inventor of DungeonFog and guinea pig #1 for new features, Till has created countless maps and claims to have mastered all techniques in the online battle map editor.

With over 100 hours of map streaming and lightning fast reflexes when it comes to finding the right assets in the library, Till will be a tough opponent for Guy. Let’s hope that Guy didn’t bite off more than he can chew.


Mháire Stritter from OrkenspalterTV will be our impartial referee and moderator in unisono for this event. As an experienced game master and storyteller Mháire knows all about the challenges of a good battlemap and its designs.

But will she be able to tame her LARP instincts? Will she join the beating when someone is on the ground, or will she help them back on their feet? We will find out!

How to be a Great GM

When it comes to RPG experience Guy outclasses Till by far. With decades of game master experince, he will hardly be surprised by whatever the gods of randomness will pick for a map-theme.

Rumors even say that he has taught Till some tricks when it comes to new ways to combine different drawing techniques. Has his work on the book “Epic Battlemaps” made the pupil outgrow the master? Or will he crumble when it counts most?


About the event


Map battle madness logo


The Battle - September 23rd 6pm UTC

The battle itself will be an interactive show, where Guy & Till will have 3 hours to create a map based on the theme that you will pick live at the beginning of the show.

In addition to your initial theme vote, every 30 minutes you can add challenges to the battle by picking additional sub-topics that both contestants will have to incorporate in their maps. At the end of the night, it’s last click and submit. The maps will be collected by our Mistress of the Maps and sealed in mighty warchest until the following Tuesday.

The Crowning - September 30th 6pm UTC

This is the moment where Guy or Till learn their fate. The maps are revealed for the first time in all their glory, or disaster state, to you. You will then get to vote on who is crowned, and who walks away in shame.

To vote for the winner of the battle, the voting tool will be opened right after the battle until the very last second of the crowning ceremony on September 30th.Join us in the live show and witness the tears of victory and failure when the Master of Maps will be crowned!

Both events will be moderated by the wonderful Mistress of the Maps: Mhaire Stritter from OrkenspalterTV, who will make sure that both contestants stay on their toes throughout both the battle and the awards ceremony.


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