Modular Skeletons - Pack 1

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Modular Skeletons - Pack 1
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With this pack you build your own skeletons in various poses.

We usually do all of our assets in 200dpi, but these were made in 400dpi (same as tokens) so for a proper scale you want to drop the size to 50%, But you can also use them for Giants at full size! ^^ so that’s a small bonus ????

This pack contains a Lot of individual bones, skulls, torsos, ribs, spines feet/hands all in 2 color variants and also in broken/cracked state, so you can build your own skeletons in various poses.

There are 8 pre-constructed skeletons included and also scaling references if you want to do Dwarf/Halfling or even Dragonborn ^^


preview of the asset pack