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The Path Tool is here!

We are proud to present our latest addition to our battlemap toolset: The Path Tool!

With this new tool you can create dynamic paths that use special textures to morph along their path. Create rivers, cliffs, bookshelves, long tables or more without the inconvenience of stitching together single assets manually.

The Paths Tool comes with a huge variety of adjustable settings and options to give you all the power you need to customize your paths:

  • Point click and freehand drawing
  • Shuffle random segments
  • Scale and Flip textures
  • Duplicate and modify existing paths
  • Add, remove and modify path points & segments on each path
  • Adjust endpoints with options like fade, shrink or fixed images.
  • Adjust opacity and colors
  • Choose between indoor and outdoor props
  • and much more!

For more, check out our latest patch notes here

Watch the Tutorial

If you want to learn how to use the new paths tool, watch our quick tutorial and start right away:

If you want even more information on each option and setting, visit our help desk!

New path assets now available!

We have launched the Path Tool with a basic set of 35 props, some of them even for free to test the new feature! 

And while we are starting to transform our existing assets into compatible paths, we are also going to add new paths to each monthly pack released. 

Wait, you still want more?

Check out our Marketplace, where Forgotten Adventures and other artists have joined our effort with new updated path packs and assets!

Speed up your map making and create stunning new visuals with our new Paths Tool!
Let us know what you think on Discord and as always:

Happy Mapmaking!

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