Our biggest update ever

Website and BME Patch 5.9.0

Published on 2022-11-03 16:58

DungeonFog Battlemap Editor - v5.9.0

Today’s patch is the biggest update we have done since version 5 has been released! Over the past two years, so many new features and assets have found their way into the battlemap editor, that the UI has become too complicated. 

To bring back structure and enhance your experience with our tools, we have spent the summer and reworked the user interface and especially the way you access props, tokens and textures.

Now we are ready to release the new version to you!


UI rework

The user interface has been reworked to allow a cleaner structure of all elements and make it easier for beginners to learn their way around our tools.

And while we have cleaned up and restructured elements, we paid close attention to the original workflows. So even if things might look different on first sight, they remain close to how you are already used to working with them.


The biggest changes are:

    • Lighting has been moved from the separate lighting tab directly to the selection inspectors of each element
    • All elements can be collapsed and collapsed and their state remains saved in your user preferences.
    • We have added new elements for color options
    • We have replaced our old asset pickers for props, textures and tokens!

New Asset Picker

The new asset picker is now available! With over 20k assets, the old asset picker was long due for an update - and it is finally here! The new pickers are available for the props- and tokens tool, as well as for all tools that use textures. With a new improved display for packs, an improved search and additional tools to quickly place and replace assets, the new pickers are an amazing new upgrade to our editor!

In addition to those major updates, we have released a ton of additional improvements and adjustments to make working inside the battlemap editor more convenient! Read our change log below to see what else has been improved!


New features at a glance:

    • Select and replace props on the fly
    • Select multiple props at once to randomize placement
    • Change icon sizes in the picker on right-click
    • Expand picker window on second monitor
    • Advanced search and filtering

Next Stop: New Asset Manager.

With the asset pickers ready, we will now turn our focus on the workover for the asset manager. Once we are done, this will be your universal library, where you can browse, upload, organize and structure assets easily by yourself. The new asset manager will be a complete workover of the existing one and we will keep you posted once it is available to you!

Website Changes

Marketplace: Bye, Bye Beta!

After more than 6 months of testing, we are happy with the results of our marketplace, the patreon integration and our backend tools for artists. Now we are ready to remove the BETA tag from our marketplace and bring in more artists!


Community Hub

With today’s patch we have also released several updates to our new Community Hub!

With the ability to pick your preferred themes and genres, as well as additional search options for artists, you can now train your community hub even more to give you accurate map recommendations! For more information check our patch notes below!

All changes

Read the full patch notes in our changelog and learn about all features and their tricks in detail!

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