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Published on 2024-06-24 13:57
the better way of asset management

In the realm of creative creation, this means ensuring that your assets are as organized and accessible as your imagination is limitless. That's why we're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the brand-new Asset Manager. Designed to elevate your creative experience to unprecedented heights, our Asset Manager streamlines your workflow, allowing your creativity to flow freely without the constraints of disorganization. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, bringing order and efficiency to your artistic endeavors and unlocking new possibilities in your creative projects.


  • Browse all libraries
  • Improved options to sort, filter and search 
  • Create your own packs
  • Upload custom assets
  • Group, tag and organize your assets
  • Full control over all attributes (type, color, lighting, shadow, etc.)
  • MapConnect (BETA)

Browse our massive libraries

With the new Asset Manager, we offer a new, improved way to browse and access all available assets, an intuitive interface for seamless navigation, and advanced customization options that let your creativity run wild.

  • 6,500+ Asset included in our content subscription
  • 110,000+ Assets available in the marketplace
  • 10,000 Assets Slots* ready to be filled by your uploads
    (*For Premium members, please check our feature comparison for tiered upload limits)


Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.

Forget complicated processes and welcome a world where your visions become reality with just a few clicks. Whether it's for detailed map designs or immersive world-building projects – the new Asset Manager is your key to endless possibilities.


Getting lost in the library?

  • Create your own packs by collecting assets into your own customized place.
  • Add your own tags to customize the way you search for assets.
  • Build asset variants with different sizes, colors and properties.


MapConnect (BETA)

Access the asset manager right from your battlemap editor and pop it out into a new window. Our MapConnect bridge lets you use both tools seamlessly together, giving you even more freedom as you work on your maps.
Please note: The MapConnect feature is currently in an advanced development stage, and while functional, users might experience some inconsistencies in performance. We are actively refining its functionality to ensure a smoother, more integrated user experience with upcoming patches.





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