Battlemap Editor update v5.7.5


January Update 2022
DungeonFog Battlemap Editor - v5.7.6

Core Changes
  • WebGL has been updated from WebGL1.0 to WebGL2.0.
  • Non-google fonts were moved to AWS.
General changes
  • Search functionality in the asset picker has been improved.
  • GM-Notes - `Remove Notes`
  • Displaying of door names have been fixed.
  • Door names will now properly update in the layers panel.
  • The hierarchy of doors connected to an adjacent room has been fixed.
  • The save feature has been updated.
  • Asset Manager Free users can again properly edit and save premium assets to a collection.
  • Asset Manager Default light range has been updated to match the default light range in the editor.
  • Asset Manager `copy settings` changes

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ℹ️ Read the full patchnotes on our changlog.


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