2nd Year Anniversary

We are celebrating you!

As part of our fantastic community, you have helped shape, redefine and grow DungeonFog into becoming a leading tool for GMs to prevent running into the 'late prep crisis'. For more than two years you have helped us to enhance our tools, grow our map libraries and given us a warm welcome in the community of map makers and game masters. 

We are honored to be part of this community
and all we can say is:
Thank you!


We wanted to celebrate you in a special way - the game master's way!
So together with our Artist Toni Trauner and our awesome partners at How to be a Great GM we have produced this little short clip for you:

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New Asset Pack "Cathedral"

We have created a new free asset pack based on the shortclip, featuring as many assets as possible represented in the video - Can you spot them all?
You can find the new asset pack under Settings > Flavour > Cathedral in your prop list


A short adventure (2 - 4 hours) for level 2-4 characters. Whilst en route somewhere the PCs are onboard an airship. The airship is suddenly attacked and forced to crash-land in a dark forest. In order for the ship to be repaired the PCs are tasked with journeying to a nearby ruined temple to find some lead from the stained-glass windows. Easy enough... then a dryad army, an undead vampire, a lich, a suicidal ghost, and a maze made of fog get in the way...


We created fillable character sheets for you that fit the characters featured in the short clip! 

The Ultimate Mapness

Editable maps - You can find all maps in our public library - ready to clone and modify to your needs!
Download High-Res - You want the maps, ready to play? Download them as high-res JPG.

Behind the scenes

Watch the Making-Of, The Cast-React, and of course the Live-Play by the GreatGM and the voice actors as they explore the adventure!


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