Battlemap Editor Campaigns Update

New features for campagins are here!

Today we have released a new update to DungeonFog that brings two major features to you that have been highly requested for a long time now!

Foundry VTT Support!
DungeonFog now offers a new export format called “Universal VTT” that allows you to hand maps together with their dynamic lighting walls, doors, windows and light sources to Foundry VTT.

Based on the format that Megasploot introduced as universal VTT format and in collaboration with @MooMan who wrote the initial module for FoundryVTT, we have now updated our tools, so you can bring your maps to Foundry without having to worry about walls or lighting anymore. 

All you need to do is, 

  • export your maps using our new “Universal VTT format”
  • get the new module “Universal Battlemap Importer” for FVTT and import your maps

If you need assistance: Here is a short guide on how to use the new export/import!


Improved Campaigns - Player interactivity!

Number one on your feature-request-list for campaigns has been for a long time, that you would love to allow your players to move their tokens. This - and much more - is now possible!

See our detailed patch notes for more information:




New Features:

  • New FVTT map export format is now available.
  • Updated Campaigns (see below)



  • Tokens can be displayed without borders
  • Tokens can now be assigned to players (to follow along)
  • Tokens can now be moved by players
  • Tokens now have notes that display on mouse-over
  • Player View - Players can now see distance when dragging tokens
  • Player View - Players can now ping
  • Player View - Disabled browser zoom for players (to prevent peeking!)
  • Player View - Token movement is blocked by walls (please use doors!)
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the 'open campaign' button pulled you out of editing a campaign map
  • Fixed a graphic glitch in Firefox when opening or closing GM-Notes/Journal
  • V3 maps need to be converted to V5 in order to be added to campaigns


Additional Bug Fixes:

  • Added info layer to show if map has been repaired by our scripts
  • Improved version detection for V3 and V5 maps
  • Converting to V5 maps prompts an additional save option
  • Fixed a bug causing users to lose map progress on reload or crash
  • Tokens are now always over objects
  • The 'lock all' props feature now works for rooms
  • Fixed a bug where floor texture would only show a color and not the selected texture
  • General improvements on V5 maps
  • General performance improvements on token & prop movement
  • Fixed a bug with splitting brushes
  • Fixed a bug with SVG export for V5 maps
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