Battlemap Roadmap 2021 - You have voted!

Early February we released our Roadmap for the Online Battlemap Editor and we created a little survey for you.
For the first quarter of 2021 we already knew that we wanted to tackle a few things that were on our list for quite some time:

  • Player token movements (done)
  • VTT export (done)
  • Text tool (done)
  • Decorational elements (done)
  • Room templates (in progress)
  • Update GM-notes (coming up)
  • Marketplace (in internal testing)

But we wanted to know what you would like to see next. And so we asked you about a few ideas that we had on our planning board:

  • A - Campaign UI Rework
    Rework the Campaigns & GM-View so it is less click hungry and easier to use.
  • B - Walls Tool
    Add a tool to draw walls and paths so we can create railway tracks, single walls or fences.
  • C - Room Rework
    Rework the room tools, so we can easily draw circular rooms, freehand draw caves and more.

We also added a little control option to see how satisfied you are with our general performance:

  • D - Optimization
    Don't add new tools, just improve stability & performance and focus on bug fixes.

Survey Results

You were quite active and we received a lot of input as well as a lot of valuable feedback!
Plus, we also learned a few things on the way that we didn't expect:

There seems to be a lot of confusion between our Online Battlemap Editor and Project DEIOS still.
About 10% of the feedback we received through the survey were related to Project DEIOS - which is great, but didn’t help us to figure out what to do next for the Online Battlemap Editor.
So we will do our best to improve our communications to help you understand when we are talking about the Online Battlemap Editor, and when we are talking about Project DEIOS.
(Right now our DEIOS updates are being released on our Kickstarter page mainly:

You have requested features that are already available
We could identify several feature requests you submitted through the feedback section that are already implemented. We believe the lesson to learn is that we need to improve on our communication and make sure that you can easily find new features. 

Browser performance
And while most of the results were mostly as expected, we were surprised with the high percentage number on (D). We assume that at least some of those votes were related to the confusion about DEIOS, but neverhteless we will take this serious and adjust our roadmap accordingly:

For our roadmap this year, your feedback was very helpful and we now know how we are going to move forward until fall 2021:

  1. Next up will be the new path tool, that will allow us to create paths for walls, roads, railways, and whatever we can come up with.
  2. Then we will tackle the improved room tool.
  3. After that we will continue with our regular roadmap for this year, dealing with scalable doors, dynamic stairs and improved floor textures.

When it comes to performance and stability improvements, we will add extended improvement & testing phases between the implementations to make sure that those new tools are optimized and we will end our next development cycle with a dedicated development slot just for performance improvements.

For the campaign improvements, your feedback showed us that we can postpone this until later this year. Thus, we have re-prioritized it and we will revisit this task, once we have finished our map goals.

If you want to know how our DEIOS development is coming along, please visit our developers blog on Kickstarter, where we talk about the DEIOS roadmap, progress and the next releases (Upcoming Release: Stability Improvements | March22nd).

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