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Our new community hub is now LIVE! Head over to, log in and you can already create your personal hub. Here you can not only show off your favourite maps, but also stay up to date with your favourite map makers and even explore and find new maps from the community.


So how does it all work?

First of all, you need to create your own hub page (1), You can then edit your header by hovering over the default picture (2) and clicking the edit prompt, and even adding a little introduction on the "About" section (3).

Premium users also have the option to create a custom DungeonFOG URL for their profile (4). Keep in mind that these URLs adhere to our community rules. We have therefore blocked and reserved certain URLs. Should you be unable to select the URL you're interested in, please contact our support to see if it can be made available.

Once you've set up your own Hub, you have two ways of displaying your public maps. First, by highlighting your best work (5), and second by showing off your latest creations (6).

Below your personal map section, you will find the maps you have liked (7), the creators you follow, and those who follow you (8). These sections give you easy access to a wide variety of maps and creators and let you explore our library of public maps in a whole new way. 



More like this

Speaking of exploration! Once you've opened up another creator's map, you will see a new section on the right-hand side called "More like this" (9), showing you similar maps that you might want to check out as well.

This feature is still in development, though and we'll soon add a wider variety of suggestions to it. Also planned for the future is a comment section both for your personal hub as well as each map. Before we release this, though, we want to make sure each map maker is able to moderate their own hub and maps. 

We're also planning to streamline highlighting and showcasing your maps, especially for those that aren't public yet. Currently, you will need to publish the map first, before you can select them in your personal hub. We hope to make this process easier in the future. 


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