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I hope you all made it through the second half of season four of Stranger Things and emerged safely on the other side! To welcome you home, we bring you another issue of our monthly Community Spotlights.

For August, we talked to Ava and want to highlight their wonderful map work.


About Ava

Ava is a veteran Dungeons and Dragons player who got their start in 3.5 and after years of being a player in different campaigns in different systems, they have now switched gears and Ava is now putting on the mantle of the GM. Quickly they realised that they really enjoyed making maps and went from „I need a battle map” for their next session to "I love making maps and how can I use them in a game".

This switch happened about four years ago and Ava has been making dozens of maps since then. Most of those maps are set in a High Fantasy setting, with only a few exceptions where they experimented with setting apart from her favourite.



One of the most important things for Ava is the sense of community within the mapmaking space. Sharing ideas, maps, different techniques and such is a great boon that ultimately enhances each map maker's creativity. Which is why Ava chose the map of another user as her favourite. jbovio001’s Leroic (Ancient Ruins) not only features really interestingly coloured and giant roots throughout the different levels of the map, but is overall a very well done map.

The map also makes sure to place assets very well, and plays around with lights and lightning overall in a way that makes the map interesting to look at. Something that is very important not just for the map but even more for the players. A lesson Ava had to learn through their years of making maps was that not every detail on the map necessarily had to make sense, be logical or realistic. Especially in a fantasy setting map makers are allowed to subvert expectations and include anything that can easily be explained by “it’s some magic effect”.

Their favourite part of map making for Ava is placing assets and working with lights to set up the mood of the map. With that in mind, Ava still has some problems with designing maps and overloading their maps with too many details. Ava oftentimes has too many ideas and plans too much for their maps but we can certainly say that we love their work and can’t wait for their next map release!


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