Community Spotlight | Inkubus

We at DungeonFog are always amazed by the maps our community creates. Maps of different genres like Sci-Fi, Horror, or Fantasy for DnD, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and many more... 

In this month's community spotlight, we've talked to Inkubus who you might know as the artist with "The Devil in the Details". Suffering the same fate as so many other TTRPG fans of being stuck behind the DM screen he's been DMing for over three years now. Making maps has become a passion for him, which you can easily see when you take a look at his creations. 




But enough from us! We asked TheInkubus a couple of questions and without further ado, here is the maestro himself:

What is your favorite asset?

My favorite asset? That's a tough question since it really depends on the atmosphere. Every stage needs a different touch. I suppose it would be a barrel though because almost any place could use more clutter, and whether it's a home, warehouse, dungeon, or den, they tend to fit in to fill space.


What is your favorite genre?

As for a favorite theme or genre, I've always been a winter person, and coating maps in the cold white of snow and ice always makes me a bit happy. I even released a winter set of maps back in December and it's still one of my favorites.


Alleyway by Inkubus

What part of mapmaking do you like the least?

On the other hand, my least favorite thing... I really struggled thinking about this, but I suppose it wouldn't be a part of the mapmaking itself, but instead when the party I DM goes full stealth mode and completely skips a map encounter. I hate putting a lot of work into a map only for it to be shelved!


Goblin Colony by Inkubus

Shamelessly promote yourself here:

You can easily reach out to me on Twitter, but if you'd like to commission me or see my work, you can find my Patreon to fit that role. Lastly, I also offer 3D printing for tabletop miniatures on Fivver!

Twitter | Patreon | Fiverr


Campsite by Inkubus

Show us your favorite map created with DungeonFog!

My favorite map would have to be the Campsite Ambush map I made. It's one map, but depending on how much effort the party puts into preparing, there are extra options and defenses I can enable to show and influence the ambush fight~!


Temple of the Dragon God by Inkubus

What part of mapmaking do you like the most?

My favorite part of mapmaking would definitely be telling a story. What makes the map living? What happens in it when the party ISN'T there? Do goblins use bedrooms, and perhaps one likes to hide a steak nearby. Does an NPC live within the Inn or do they just work there and leave in the late evenings? The world is living, with or without the party, and showing in my maps is my favorite challenge to do!


St. Travista by Inkubus

Any mapmaking tips or wisdom you want to share with the community?

For tips, there are really only two I live by. Depth and Detail. Like I mentioned earlier, Maps tell a story of the creatures and things that pass through, giving them life. Make sure to give the map a purpose, and also make sure that purpose has been in use! For depth, I often like to enhance my maps with elevation or the illusion of height. This can easily be done by using the brush to add deeper shadows, or taking a prop and making it completely black and transparent to make a perfectly shaped shadow. Not only that, but you can also add twisting roads and rooms below others, which give that feel of a delver.

Thanks for the great input and the tips, Inkubus, and of course for your wonderful maps! Have a look at his work on DungeonFOG and on his Social Media channels!




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