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Published on 2022-10-31 09:58

Meet Kayne

Creative by day and night is the Community Spotlight we have for you this month. Kayne tells stories not just to his kid but also as a Dungeon Master to his friends online. Getting his start with Final Fantasy VII, it took him quite some time before he got started in the world of tabletop RPGs.

His first map saw the light of day about three years ago, just a short while after his friends convinced him to try and play D&D with them. Since then, he hasn't stopped creating: be it way overly complex tunnels under the city of Phandalin. A map he recreated in DungeonFog and is still one his favourite maps. He describes it as the culmination of everything he has learned in the last three years in DungeonFog. From the usage of simple assets like Broken Woods to create atmosphere or the ability to reuse assets like tables to create platforms.



He had to export the map multiple times and reassemble it in Photoshop to make it work for his party, but it all was worth the effort and a great and fun challenge.

Most of his maps are fantasy-themed. And while he has dabbled in sci-fi, noir, and horror and other themes, his favourite genre is still fantasy. And while his party can't regularly stream anymore on their channel anymore like they used to, Kayne plans to pick up his Twitch channel again. His aim? Creating tutorials, helping other mapmakers and Dungeon Masters with their campaigns.


Visit Kaynes Hub page


His own favourite time during map creation is when the walls are up, the initial setup done and it was time to put in assets, details and bring life to his creation. One of those details he likes to include are brushes and shadows, assets like the moss texture in a back corner of a cell to really sell the mood. Small, little details like rocks and debris can always be found in the cleanest places. Adding assets here and there can make the difference.

If you like Kayne's work, want to talk more about his work or get some more tips on how to make your own maps better, check out his personal channels:


Thanks again for your wonderful maps, Kayne. All the best for campaign and as always:

Happy Mapmaking!



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