Community Spotlight | Mokattam

Halfway through the year, we come to you with another community spotlight!

For our June we've talked to Mokattam, who can not only look back to more than 40 years experience in TTRPGs but  also managed to instill the same love into his two sons.

For the last decade the three of them have been playing together. So let's dive into this fountain of experience and here from the master himself


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Since when are you creating maps?

I began drawing maps about 35 years ago when I began GMing. I’ve always trended toward homebrew content and even when using an adventure “out of the box”, I reshape the story to some extent.



What is your favorite asset?

This has to be the most difficult question to answer… I don’t want to make any asset feel unwanted. So I’ll say this; the moss from the Sewers group and the barrel (top view) from the Pirates group. I use them often, the moss is incredibly versatile and provides great texture, and the barrel… well it’s the best looking barrel on the site. As an asset group, however, it’s a toss up between Riverlands and Sina Una. Both are chock full of great images.



What is your favorite genre?

I bounce around a lot. My gaming group has diverse interests, from classic sword & sorcery to gritty horror to space fantasy/sci-fi. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the magepunk/western feel of the Eberron setting for D&D, so there’s a bit more of that at the moment.



Show us your favorite map created with DungeonFog!

My favorite map that I created is my Cliffside Mill, inspired by @DGNFOGTill’s The Old Mill from back in 2018. It was a ton of fun and I was able to update it as new assets were introduced, like the water wheel from the Farming group and the Path Tool.

But my favorite map(s) so far in DungeonFog is @Bre#8170’s TLC_SewerEscape series. Excellent noire atmosphere and great shapes.



What part of mapmaking do you like the most?

I love the little details… the “clutter”. I feel that a map is interesting when the players can look and see that someone has inhabited this space. From the dust in the corners to that cup that rolled under the edge of the couch.



What part of mapmaking do you like the least?

I eternally frustrate myself by creating maps that are better for show than for play. I am constantly breaking out the layers of my large maps into individual maps in order to let them play efficiently in VTT/player windows. I often create more work for myself in this way.



Any mapmaking tips or wisdom you want to share with the community?

Do yourself the favor of taking full advantage of the template features. Group your prop assets, your brushes, etc., and make templates of them so you can use them again, modifying when needed. And if you make a whole room that’s just perfect… make a template out of it.

And if you’re using your maps to play on live (VTT/Player windows), lock all the assets you don’t need players to interact with. It really helps when you’re navigating around a crowded space.

Good tips all around and we mirror his parting words which are the greatest tip of all: Have Fun! And as always, happy mapmaking!




Thanks Mokattam for being part of this community!


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