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We hope you all have been jamming out to news spells and whistles of the latest D&D Sourcebook! Or maybe you're hotly anticipating the return of Dragonlance on November 22? Whichever camp you belong to, there is one thing you don't have to wait for any longer: This month's Community Spotlight!

Our guest in August WiltedCabbage, who's a self-proclaimed middle aged ‘child-at-heart' facing the same struggles as many of us: There's never enough time for all the TTRPGs we want to play, run, or plan.



WiltedCabbage has been making maps for a long time now. As a child he drew maps on graph paper for him and his friends. Eventually, he made the jump to digital maps and DungeonFog.
He enjoys a wide variety of assets and could easily name a dozen or two of his favourites at the top of his head, seeing it like choosing one's most treasured book or movie. But, if pressed for an answer, he does particularly enjoy the smoke asset from the fire flavour pack. While it might not be the most flashy or exciting asset, it easily allows him to set and change the mood of a map. And as a fan of high fantasy settings, a good smoke or fog cloud goes a long way to ensure his players are easily immersed in his setting.

His favourite map by default has no smoke or fog and all, but the Monad Docks could easily be transformed into an eerie and spooky port at night with just a fea mouse clicks. Check out the map yourself and start believing in ghost stories - because you might already be in one!


Visit WiltedCabbages Hub page


His most important tip and advice for map makers is setting the stage. Choose your floor and wall settings, colours and pick a few key assets that you'll be using on your map. This will set the tone and mood of your map and help visualise what you're going for. From there, adjust those key assets if you're placing more than one of them. Change the size, add smaller assets to it or adjust the lighting around the asset. Play around with the settings until you're happy with the result. And before you know it, you're adding more and more details to your map and making sure to give the vibe you're going for. Be it natural, supernatural or fantastic.

Happy Mapmaking!

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