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Circle of Worldbuilders Masterclass 2020

We are excited about the Circle of Worldbuilders Masterclass 2020 for a few reasons.

It is the first one we have run like this, we’ve had over two thousand people sign up for it, and we believe it’s the beginning of a great conversation between Roleplayers of all levels of experience. As this is our first event, we thought we’d stick to basics – designing a small region.

Although the programme looks packed, there are moments for bio breaks built in. Remember that each of the classes will be available after the event on each of the Circle of Worldbuilders YouTube channels.

Saturday is the “Class” section, where each of the Circle of Worldbuilders will showcase their area of expertise and how you can use it to improve your game.

Sunday is the “Critique and Review” section where your submitted work (details on how to submit will be given just before the close of Saturday’s official stream) is critiqued and reviewed by the Circle of Worldbuilders. Constructive advice, tips and suggestions will be given, and praise heaped upon those who deserve it!

The full program is available as PDF here:

Want to prepare for the DUNGEONFOG classes?

Our Special Guests

It gives us great pleasure to announce our special guest masterclass presenters are Nerdarchy!

Joining the Circle of Worldbuilders Masterclass 2020 are the Grand Masters themselves Nerdarchist Dave and Nerdarchist Ted from Nerdarchy. Together the dynamic duo will show us all how to put together a few encounters that will really make PCs work for their treasure. Thinking Out the Box is what these guys do. With decades of RPG experience between them this Masterclass is one not to miss.

Pre-Show and Post show Prep

Still want more?
On Saturday night team Ethnis will run a stream after the Masterclass where they take the ‘homework’ and work through it utilizing all the skills and ideas from Saturday’s classes.
Then, on Sunday, we have three streamers who will be working through the material:
CD10 with Toblin, Deadaussiegamer with Michael, and Heffelive with Heffe.

Their broadcast times will be announced during the masterclasses but are running from the end of Saturdays events until the beginning of Sunday’s Masterclass Critique and Review sessions.

Where to Watch?

You’ll be able to watch the show live on Youtube and Twitch! We’ll be cross-broadcasting to all of our channels! Make sure you follow on Twitch and Subscribe on Youtube so you see the streams when they come out!
Great GM
World Anvil


Caeora (parallel stream: map creation)

I am very excited to see you there!