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New Setting: Cyberpunk

"Transhumanism is about how technology will eventually help us overcome the problems that have, up until now, been endemic to human nature. Cyberpunk is about how technology won't."

-  Stephen Lea Sheppard


Today we have released our fifth setting: Cyberpunk.
The new setting comes with 130 props that align perfectly with our existing settings for modern times and science fiction. We focused on assets that help you create dark noir cities and bring that Bladerunner feeling to your battlemaps.

Now that we have released the basic setting, we are excited to hear what else you would like to see in Cyberpunk. We will add more asset packs through our monthly prop pack releases in the upcoming months: Let us know what you like to see next!


Carbon 2185

If you are looking for a fresh cyberpunk rpg, throw a look at Carbon 2185. It is an upcoming cyberpunk rpg created by Dragon Turtle Games due to be released in 2019. Carbon 2185 is all about telling stories in a dark dystopian future influenced by franchises such as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, and Deus Ex.

You can download the Quickstarter Guide here:

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