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December Update

It's time for a new News & Updates video about the progress so far!

In this video I am covering the winter survey, the new updates we brought to the servers and a few sneak-peeks to what's coming up before christmas.

Since this is a longer video, here are the time stamps if you want to jump to a specific section or read the TL;TR for this topic here:

01:35 Winter survey results

Over the past month we asked you, what you want us to focus on next.
We are very grateful for your feedback and we listened closely to your requests, so the upcoming roadmap will be:

  • Until Christmas/End of the year we will focus on improvements for the editor.
  • Until end of the first quarter 2019 we will address the viewer
  • Before we then continue adding new features to the editor, the gm-notes and the rest of the system.

If you want to learn more about the survey, check the video above.

03:57 December update - Blueprints

Over the past week we introduced the new feature "Blueprints" to our editor.
You are now able to take a scribble or an old map and upload it as a blueprint for your DUNGEONFOG maps.
There will be an in depth tutorial released next week, but if you want to see a short introduction check out the video above.

08:57 December update - Autosave

We have also reworked our approach on maps in our architecture: Everything you do with a map is automatically saved as a local database in your browser.
The good news: This introduces autosaves to your map making process. In case your laptop battery dies, your browser crashes or your RAM gets full, the current state of your map is stored locally and will be available once you re-open the map or refresh your browser.

The bad news: Since our new scripts are a lot less forgiving when it comes to flawed map data, older maps might cause an error and can not be opened. Due to our new mechanic to autosave maps we have a rather unforgiving routine to check for errors. The result is, that some older maps now show an error. Actually that error was there all the time, but our old script was accepting it nonetheless...

We now need to fix those maps manually to make them work with the new script, so if you encounter a map that can't be opened, please report this map and we will have it updated.

12:50 New prop set - "Mad Scientist's Laboratory"

Check our last dashboard update to learn more about the monthly prop pack from November.

14:55 Sneak-peek for upcoming prop set

Want to see what's coming for our December prop pack? Check out the video!

16:26 Christmas gift

Uhhh! Christmas gifts! We are going to release a special community prop pack for christmas - and YOU can vote on the props that are contained.
So got to our Discord server and take part! 



Recent Bug-Fixes

Over the past days we added some other features and addressed several bugs that came along this update:

  • You can now multi-select your maps and move, publish or delete them as a batch action.
  • GM-Notes got a little brush over, so they should be more user friendly
  • We fixed a bug in the GM-Notes that caused the cursor to jump to the top of the document.
  • We added a lazy load to the asset library to speed up the process of browsing your assets
  • We drastically improved the performance of your asset libraries and quick access bars
  • We drastically improved the performance for browsing, copying and cloning maps
  • We finally fixed the "report map" bug that caused maps to get stuck in "loading" when you tried to report them
  • We improved undo/redo in the editor so that is is more stable
  • We added some minor improvements to the general performance in preparation for our big performance / RAM update that is coming up

As always, make sure that you clear your cache and refresh your browser to make sure that all the changes are working for you!

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