Update v0.3 available now


We worked hard and can finally say goodbye to technical Alpha. Our complete rework of the first alpha has proved to be the right way so we can now focus on bringing in you new features with the feature Alpha. The new foundations are exceptionaly more stable and performant and allow the users and the developers a extraordinary new experience.

A well established UI Framework called Noesis has been integrated and will serve as the backbone for our frontend which from now on will be consecutively worked and improved on.

With v0.3 we also introduce the first draft of the Brush Tool with which you can paint your map in different colours. This is our first version which will be improved on in the coming updates. Play with it and leave your feedback and experiences for us!


Brush tool in action



August Update v0.3.0 Feature Alpha

Here’s the full changelog from https://www.dungeonfog.com/changelog

New UI
  • New advanced UI system
  • Added create Window for new maps
  • Added right-click context menu for deleting maps
  • Added folder selection for export
New tools
  • Color brush first pass
  • Eraser tool
General Optimizations
  • Renderer optimization
  • Map loading optimizations
  • Memory optimization
  • Prop instancing
Known issues
  • Subtracting from landmasses clears all brushes on that landmass
  • Undo for brushes is not working yet
  • Linux props can have a problem with rendering
  • Can't have more than 32 landmasses- fixed with Hotfix v0.3.1


In order to access the Alpha you must have backed or preordered the project.
You can still preorder by following the access-button below.


Note to all Kickstarter Backers:
To activate your account for the first time, please use the activation link you have received via email.
If you haven't received an activation link, please contact us at contact@dungeonfog.com.

What comes next?

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