Update v0.3.2 available now

New update - new features

The second big feature update is here and with that we are one step closer to have a solid world map editor. This time we bring you the new Text tool. It's yet in it's baby shoes with a simple implementation but we will improve on it with time. It is fully functional but we already know how to improve on it further with more settings and a better Font picker like in the Battle Map Editor. Meanwhile please hunt for bugs and let us know about them!

We also updated the Color Picker with new functionality like dials for HSL+RGB and recently used palette. The color hasn't either reached its final state and we will continue to improve on it with fully customisable color palettes in the upcoming updates.

In addition to that we deliver usual bugfixes and improvements to existing features. I.e. the brushes on a landmass will no longer be deleted when changing the landmass itself. For all changes read the changelog below!


Text tool in action



October Update v0.3.2 Feature Alpha

New tools
  • Text tool
    Place text on your map to label locations
New UI
  • Updated color picker
    • Now stores you recently used colors
    • Supports HSL and RGB
  • Map loading and Updating screens
    So you don't stuck with an unresponsive screen.
General changes and optimizations
  • UI scales correctly on high DPI monitors.
  • Subtracting from landmasses do not clear all brushes on that landmass anymore
  • Localisation
Known issues
  • Undo for brushes is not working yet
  • Linux props can have a problem with rendering
  • Text tool UI needs improvements for bigger text areas
  • Text selection does not highlight properly

See the full changelog on https://www.dungeonfog.com/changelog


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