Update v0.3.6 available now


December Update v0.3.5 Feature Alpha

User Interface
  • General UI fixes for input fields, combo box layout and button precision
  • Added dynamic updates to visible tags during search in prop library
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a few translation mistakes and naming errors
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the linux build to launch on some machines
  • Fixed a bug that caused the self updater to crash on some machines
  • Fixed a bug that prevented scroll wheel hotkeys to work properly
  • Added more precision to landmass detection when placing props to the coastline

Hotfix v0.3.6

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed floating window crash
  • Fixed issue when camera cannot zoom out enought for Earth like maps

⚠️ This patch also comes with a stability fix for the self-updater, but it requires you to download the latest version from your DEIOS Account Manager.

See the full changelog on https://www.dungeonfog.com/changelog


In order to access the Alpha you must have backed or preordered the project.
You can still preorder by following the access-button below.


Note to all Kickstarter Backers:
To activate your account for the first time, please use the activation link you have received via email.
If you haven't received an activation link, please contact us at contact@dungeonfog.com.

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