Update v0.3.7 available now


February Update v0.3.7 Feature Alpha

New Features
  • Blueprints are now available to trace maps
  • Added new visual style for coastal waves
  • Updated landmass generation for the landmass brush (Tectonics V1)
  • General rendering optimzation for landmass renderer
User Interface
  • Added new options to the top bar menu to manage blueprints
  • Added new options to preferences to manage coastal waves
  • Updated selection mode for landmasses
  • Added french language support
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a few translation mistakes and naming errors
  • Updated measurements to work with landmass scale
  • Fixed Noesis cursor helper preserve svg geometry order
  • Improved svg2xaml converter
  • Fixed localization crash when switching languages
Known Issues
  • New Landmass tectonics do not work with brush sizes lower than 15km
  • Adding/Subtracting landmasses with over 50k assets is very slow
  • Coastline smoothing is not fully implemented yet
  • New tectonics are currently not working on Linux - will be hotfixed soon!

⚠️ The new tectonics generation mode is currently only available for Windows and Mac, we will add Linux support in our next Hotfix patch.

See the full changelog on https://www.dungeonfog.com/changelog


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