Alpha 1 launch

DEIOS 0.1.0 - TEC ALPHA Launch

It's Launch Day!

Tonight at 7pm UTC we will unlock the first ALPHA Version of Project DEIOS!

Alpha builds are work-in-progress builds we’ve created for the purpose of working directly with our community to deliver the best experience collaboratively through feedback/suggestions. Each build that we release will expand the specific sets of content/functionality meant to provide a slice of the overall experience.

As with all Alpha builds, we expect some turbulence along the way but we are committed to doing our best to ensure we get you into smoother air as quickly as possible. We think Alpha participation is a critical step in our path to building Project DEIOS and we all look forward to working closely with you!

Project DEIOS Alpha 1


In order to access the Alpha 1 you must have backed or preordered the project.
You can still preorder by following the access-button below.


Note to all Kickstarter Backers:
To activate your account for the first time, please use the activation link you have received via email.
If you haven't received an activation link, please contact us at

Get Ready For Testing!

How do I download ALPHA 1?
On October 15th at 7pm UTC, we will unlock the download for the first technical ALPHA of Project DEIOS.
To download the installer, please log into your Account Manager.

Read our ALPHA Instructions
Before you can start making maps we ask you to read through our Before you start article to make sure you can run the application as expected and create maps smoothly.

Watch the tutorials
Familiarize yourself with our tools by watching our DEIOS ALPHA tutorials:

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