DEIOS Alpha 1 Update


Patch 0.1.1. - First Stability Patch

With 0.1.1 we have released our first stability patch addressing mainly the WGPU related crashes. We were able to identify and resolve several problems that were related to WGPU rendering and we have also addressed some UI problems caused by the UI framework. Now we need your testing to verify if our adjustments have created a more stable experience.

We are relying on WebGPU framework for our graphical output which is currently still work in progress by itself. This patch resolves drawing calls which were not supported on a large amount of videocards yet, and because of the great support from you and your reports, we were able to identify these issues. We have been working directly with the WGPU developers to resolve these problems. However, this is only the first patch in a row of expected updates until we are certain, that the problems were resolved and we are satisfied with the general stability of DEIOS. 


Before you Install

We don't have an included auto updater yet, so you have to go through the following steps to update the application manually.

1 - Save your maps


Open the map you want to save, go to the menu at the top and select "Save map on disk". A dialog appears where you can then save your map. You can save it anywhere just remember its location in case you want to import it again.

2 - Uninstall the old version

Before you install the new version make sure to uninstall the old one. There is no auto-updater in the installer yet, so you need to remove the old version first. To do so, navigate to Apps & features in your System settings and search for "DUNGEONFOG". Click on it and press uninstall. Now just go through the steps.

3 - Delete the local data

To get access to the new asset bundle "Titanic Creatures", you need to remove your AppData folder first.
Keep in mind: Once you delete your AppData folder, all maps that were kept inside the application will be deleted. But since you have saved them to disc previously, you can now import them back in again.
To delete the application data, open an explorer window (any will work) and paste "%appdata%" (without the quotation marks) into the path bar at the top. Press enter and it will bring you a list of all application data saved for your user. Find the directory called "DUNGEONFOG KG" and delete it. That's it.

Install the updated app

Now you are ready to go. Go to your DEIOS Account Manager (, log in and download the new installer from there.  
Even though we now have signed our application successfully, Microsoft still needs time to verify it. That means that Windows might still throw a security warning for some of you.
It is safe to install the Alpha and you can safely skip the windows dialog.

Import your maps

Now that you have updated your DEIOS client, you can import your maps back into the application. To do so, use the import function of your map library.

We are looking forward to read your feedback and inputs, so please keep the reports coming!
We wish you and your family best health so stay home and stay safe by making maps :)

Project DEIOS Alpha 1


In order to access the Alpha 1 you must have backed or preordered the project.
You can still preorder by following the button below.

Patch notes

✅Fixed drawing calls for certain videocard related crashes

We are relying on WebGPU framework for our graphical output which is work in progress itself. This fix resolves drawing calls which were not supported on a large amount of videocards. Because of the great support of our testers we were able to identify this.


✅Updated UI framework

Updated the frontend library to the newest version which came with bugfixes and improvements.


✅Fixed: Wrong position of the prop preview in the Inspector

The prop preview box in the inspector sometimes jumped to random positions. It should stay where it belongs now.


✅Fixed: Rotation direction

When entering a value in the rotation textfields it rotated mathematically correct. This is now inverted to be equal to other graphic design applications.


✅Containers in the layer list start closed

All container objects in the layer list (like landmasses and groups) are now closed when placed to keep the layer list clear and readable.


✅Potential fix for app not updating data

The blog area on the dashboard seemed to not update for a majority of our users. This should be resolved now and you should see the newest news and updates.


✅Fixed: Deleting text in a dialog deletes selected objects on the map

Pressing backspace or delete in the searchfield of a dialog deleted objects on the map when they were selected. Now we are catching all inputs in dialogs so this won't happen.


⬆️New: Added titanic creatures pack

The asset library now contains the titanic creatures pack from Caeora


⬆️New: Info when closing a map which is saving

The application window didn't close immediately when closing the application. This felt like a crash but it was just busy saving. There is now a saving screen when closing the application.


⬆️New accessibility: Added checkmark to the analytics opt-in toggle

The welcome dialog asks the user to opt-in for basic analytics. The toggle there is ambiguous due another UI bug. To answer user feedback we have added a checkmark when the toggle is on.


⬆️New: Added Windows codesigning

This means we have approval from Microsoft to be a valid and secure application. But the installer will keep alerting the Windows security for a while until Microsoft has updated their databases.


⬆️New: Added missing Visual C++ Redistributable

Some of our user reported an error message "The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll" when executing the application. This was because the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable was missing on their systems. This was an oversight by us and the framework is now bundled with the installer.


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